Get Yourself A T-Shirt!

We’ve updated the t-shirt store with some different selections. These shirts all feature the great “Fight Like A Girl” logo that our friend Jose Gonzalez designed for her when he was inspired by Melanie’s inspiring attitude. We had the shirts made for us when we did the Race For The Cure we did last month in Orange County… we had many comments about them, especially the “Fight Like A Girl” motto.

We have the link to the store on the right, in the Links sections. Or just click here.

For women you can choose from:

  • slim fit tee (logo on back, multiple colors)
  • long tank top (logo on back, white only)
  • v-neck tee (logo on back or front, white only).

For guys you can choose from:

  • heavyweight tee (logo on back, multiple colors)
  • heavyweight polo (logo on front, white only).

In other news… the chemo treatment #4 that was scheduled for Friday 10/15 had to be rescheduled for Wednesday 10/20. This was due to the prescription company dropping the ball and failing to provide the drugs to the doctor’s office. Very frustrating, especially when they notify us the morning of the appointment.




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