Unplanned Hospital Stay

Oh boy, what a week it’s been! Melanie was dealing with a bad headache all day on Monday and was feeling terrible. She woke up at 2am on Tuesday morning saying that she had the chills, and reminded me that if she gets a fever of 101… she’ll need to go to the ER. I rummaged through the drawers in the bathroom and found a thermometer to use, the kind that you stick in the ear. I did several readings and they all came up in the 100.x range. With this type of thermometer, you have to add 1 since it’s not completely accurate. This definitely meant a trip to the ER for Melanie.

Melanie’s mom, Susy, came over and brought her to the ER so that I could stay home with Brody. Luckily, there was no wait in the ER and she was seen right away and hooked up to IV for antibiotics. At about 7am she was admitted to the hospital so that they could try and find the source of the infection that had caused the fever.

By the afternoon, she was feeling much better; the fever and headache were all but gone. They began taking regular blood draw to check her blood counts and everything was looking much better in that area. They just couldn’t figure out where the source was.

On Wednesday, they started a long test that involved taking a good amount of blood, then somehow tagging the white cells and returning the blood into her system. They have to give the tagged cells some time to find any source of infection, and then they could possibly find out the source. First thing on Thursday morning, they took her to radiology to scan her torso to attempt to find out where the tagged cells congregate to. They didn’t find anything abnormal, and no sign of the tagged cells. So, we’re not sure where the fever had originated from… but what we do know is that she’s now doing just fine.

She was able to be released on Thursday night at 9pm, but will need a week of IV antibiotics. Since she has a medi-port for her chemo infusions, this will be where the antibiotics are administered. A nurse is stopping by Friday to show us how this is done.

Needless to say, Melanie was very excited to be home again. Brody had a tough couple of days wondering where mamma was… so, he was equally excited to have her back home, as was I. Now we get to have a great weekend together that will be topped off with his cousin coming over to go trick or treating with us!

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers while Melanie was dealing with all of this.




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