Ding-ding!! Round 2 Is Done!

“Dishes are done!” That’s a term I like to use now and them when something is complete. And that’s how we feel now that Melanie is done with her chemotherapy. December 9th was the final treatment, and after the nausea and general blah of the following week, she’s feeling much better.

She’s most definitely looking forward to getting her hair growing again. Although, she certainly has quite the collection of head-scarves and looks very confident and attractive without anything on it. I’m sure it won’t be soon enough for her to hang up all of those scarves for good.

Next steps… get her health back to normal and have our consultation with the radiation oncologist. This most likely won’t be until after the new year. And, radiation will probably start mid-January. The treatment is expected to be 6 weeks in length and she’ll have to go every weekday.

After radiation it’s looking like it’s all downhill. Stay tuned.




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