Chemo Halfway Done / Race for the Cure

There has been plenty going on recently, sorry for not keeping up on these posts. Melanie has designated me as the “updater” and I will be posting new stuff as frequently as I can.

Chemo Halfway Done

Melanie is officially halfway done with chemo treatments! The light is getting a little brighter in this tunnel, and we’re excited for when the last 3 treatments are over with. A few weeks after her first treatment, Melanie decided to beat the chemo to the punch and buzz her hair off. She took it pretty close, but not quite all the way. But… then after a few more weeks she noticed some splotchy areas on the back of her head, so I shaved it down to the scalp for her.  Here is a short video with some photos of the initial head-shaving event we had on our back patio. Her best friend, Rene, joined her and buzzed her hair as well… in support of Melanie.

Melanie goes out in public without anything on her head and wears her baldness proudly! She’s gotten many compliments on how great she looks with no hair.

OC Race For The Cure

This past Sunday, September 26, we walked the Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure in Newport Beach. In the weeks leading up to the race, we were prepared with a wheelchair for Melanie, in case she needed to use it. This was because her 3rd chemo round was on the Friday before the race, and after her 2nd chemo round she was physically drained and nauseated for the week afterward. Before this round, however, she had gotten a stronger anti-nausea prescription from the oncologist. This new drug worked great, and she has been feeling much better than the last time.

The team recruited 23 people to participate in the race, and as a whole raised a total of $1185 for the cause! Thank you to everyone for participating and for donating!

[slidepress gallery=’race-for-the-cure-2010′]

Melanie walked the whole 3.1 mile course without any trouble. When we were done, the line for the bus back to the off-site parking was so long that she, along Lauren and I, walked back to the car…and even ran some parts of it. This was another 1.5 miles! This turned the 5K into a 7.5K. The only thing that could have been better was if it wasn’t so hot that day. Unseasonable weather had the temps in the mid 90s, which is HOT for how close we were to the ocean.




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