They are just boobs, after all

After many more doctor appointments, ultrasounds, mammograms, and biopsies later I’ve learned the following:

  • I actually have 3 cancerous lumps all in the same same breast
  • I am HER2 negative (That’s a good thing)
  • I am BRCA2 positive (Not such a good thing)

Being BRCA2 positive means that I carry a breast cancer gene mutation which greatly increases my risk of getting breast cancer in both breasts as well as ovarian cancer.

In between my appointments and while awaiting test results I decided to do some breast cancer research online and educate myself.  So, when the doctor recommended I get a mastectomy I was oddly enough ok with hearing the news.  The doctor kept looking back and forth at Neil and I as if we must have misunderstood him.  “Ok?  Ok?”, he seemed to keep saying.  Surprisingly, neither of us had too much of a reaction.  I said “Yes, ok mastectomy.  I agree.”   It was such a strange sense of peace that came over me amd I knew that only God could have given that to me.   I know for a fact that only God could have given me this  incredible sense of courage, strength, and peace that I felt then and still feel today.

Taking all of these facts into consideration, I have elected to do a proactive bilateral mastectomy. This will take place on July 16.




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