Ready to get home

Neil here again. After feeling nauseated all night and into the morning, Melanie had her pain meds changed and that seemed to do the trick. She’s feeling much better tonight and is ready to get home. I know that she’s aching to see Brody, and he’s going to be thrilled to see mom!!

Of course, this doesn’t mean she’ll be at 100% just yet. We will have to be very careful with Brody being around her until she’s completely healed. This will call for some creativity on our part. Any suggestions are welcome.

After the diagnosis, she did a lot of reading and learning about the options that she had. This prepared her for what her ultimate decision was going to be. When it was time to talk with the surgeon a few weeks ago about the biopsy results from lumps 2 & 3, she already knew what she wanted to do.

Here’s something to give you an idea of where her priorities are: When the surgeon told her that she must have a mastectomy, she didn’t flinch and just said “OK, that’s what I want anyway.” But, when he told her that she would not be able to lift up her little man… she cried.

That right there is a true mother. The ultimate in selflessness.




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